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History and Growth at MCP

Magic Coil Products, LLC is a Midwest Steel Processing and Service Center located on campus with Steel Dynamics.  The company was conceived in 2002 when Tom Cullen (President, Magic Coil Products) and Joe Maggini (President, Magic Steel Sales) entered into a 50/50 joint venture with one another.   Much like Maggini, Cullen built the company from the ground up.  Starting out in an apartment to renting an office space, Tom used his knowledge of the steel industry to catapult Magic Coil Products to new heights. 

By 2003, the 86,000 sq ft facility had become fully operational.  The following year business had picked up to the point that Cullen was forced to expand the facility and its capabilities.  By the end of 2004, the facility utilized two Braner Slitters and span 126,000 sq ft.  Since then Magic Coil Products has become ISO 9001 Certified, expanded its office area increasing the size of the facility to 132,000 sq ft, installed a State of the Art Samuel Strapping Packaging Line, and implemented a Symbol Barcode Scanning System. 


Time Line
  • 2002 - Inception of Magic Coil Products
  • 2003 - Construction began on a 86,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 2003 - New facility is fully operational with one 60" Braner Slitter
  • 2004 - Addition of 72" Braner Slitter
  • 2004 - Expanded plant by 40,000 sq. ft, giving us a total of 126,000 sq. ft.
  • 2006 - Became ISO Certified, click here to view a copy of our certification
  • 2006 - Expansion of office area
  • 2006 - Installation of State of the art Samuel Strapping Packaging Line
  • 2007 - Symbol barcode scanning system put in place
  • 2013 - Process our 1,000,000th ton
  • 2015 - Installation of Red Bud Multi-Blanking line
  • 2015 - Expanded plant by 40,000 sq. ft. giving us a total of 166,000 sq. ft.